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You've built your wealth through a mix of hard work, talent, and good luck. You may still be working, but you no longer need to, or can see ahead to a time when work will be a choice, not a necessity. You pretty much have in place the resources to live well, to do the things you enjoy and that matter to you.

But you're concerned about handling your wealth well. You want to make sure that it will support you and your family for years to come. What you don't want is for your wealth to be a burden, a source of stress and anxiety.

Working with you, my goal is to help you become genuinely confident about how you're handling your wealth, at ease about it, never anxious, stressed, or burdened. There is a lot that goes in to this, to getting to this goal. An important part is stripping away the bad, unnecessary, and distracting surrounding investing so that we can keep our eyes on the things that count.